Photo Of Mama Wolf Spider Carrying Thousands Of Babies On Her Back Goes Viral

One spider is terrifying enough. But a whole family of spiders is a big hell-to-the-no. For those of us who don’t like spiders, there is one very scary photo that is making the rounds on the internet and people are calling it “hideously fascinating.”

The photo features a large wolf spider mom carrying her massive cluster of baby spiders on her back. It was captured by bushwalker Marlin Turquoise, while out for a walk in Victoria, Australia.

Marlin posted the photo to the Australian Native Animals Facebook group where he provided some background information. He shared that the spider was roughly the size of a 50 cent piece. It frightened a fair number of the people in the group, but it also fascinated a lot of others. Overall, the reactions to the photo were pretty mixed.

Photo: Facebook / Marlin Turquoise

One person wrote that while it was certainly unnerving to look at, it was pretty cool given that “it’s the ultimate act as a mother to give your life for your children.” Someone else called the spider the “mom of the year” after having to raise all her offspring on her own.

They joked that the spider deserved a drink for all that she was going through with all those kids.
Another commentator on the group said that the photo was both fascinating and unnerving all in one.

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But perhaps the most unsetting comment was from someone who shared the insight that “next time you see a shell of one of these spiders you’ll know there’s about 100 more hanging around.” No thanks.

Have you ever seen a wolf spider and its babies? What do you think of this photo? Let us know!

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