People Are Surprised To See What A Baby Alpaca Actually Looks Like

Sometimes there are reveals about the natural world that we are just not ready to see – like newborn baby alpacas.

We all probably know what a fully grown adult alpaca looks like. They’re pretty cute creatures, right?

Given that, it would be safe to assume their newborn offspring would be the same, right? Wrong. Mullacott Alpacas shared a video of a new alpaca on Facebook and it’s quite jarring.

Photo: Facebook/Mullacott Alpacas

Rather than a fluffy, miniature version of an alpaca, a newborn looks more like an elongated ferret that has been doused in water.

One Twitter user Cait, known by her username @kittynouveau, was the one to tweet the surprising picture of the newborn alpaca. She wrote, “Going absolutely bananas over this newborn baby alpaca.”

Photo: Facebook/Mullacott Alpacas

Her tweet has received hundreds of thousands of likes, retweets, and comments – mostly from people expressing their shock.

One person asked if it was alive, while someone else asked if they all look like this when they’re born and then went on to compare them to zombies. Another person commented, “So cool glad for the mom alpaca, but ew.”

There were others who make the comparison to the newly reborn Lord Voldemort in the final installment of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

Photo: Twitter/AshaKnobel

Regardless of the varying opinions, there was plenty of interest in the baby alpaca’s progress.

Following the viral photo, Mullacott Alpacas in the South West UK updated the world letting them know that the little alpaca was starting to look like a normal alpaca.

Photo: Facebook/Mullacott Alpacas

It’s safe to say she looks much cuter now!

What do you think of newborn alpacas? Did you already know this is what they looked like? Tell us what you think!

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