Penguins Take A Trip To A Restaurant To Make A Point About Plastic Pollution

Shaw’s Crab House was fortunate enough to welcome to most adorable dinner guests: Three Magellanic penguins!

The little penguins, named Tilly, Olivia, and Dolores, had the chance to waddle around the Chicago-based restaurant and take in the new environment and it was all captured on video.

They were welcomed in from the Shedd Aquarium as a way to bring attention to the issue of plastic pollution.

Photo: YouTube/Shedd Aquarium

In the video caption, they explained that Shaw’s Crab House recently joined the aquarium’s #LetsSheddPlastic initiative, which empowers restaurants to reduce single-use plastics.

They said, “Plastic pollution affects all life, from human to aquatic, including Magellanic penguins. Shedd is one of just a handful of institutions participating in the Species Survival Plan for these near-threatened birds. Field trips like this bring attention to conserving our blue planet while highlighting key species.”

Photo: YouTube/Shedd Aquarium

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Beyond being part of the #LetsSheddPlastic initiative, the penguins’ appearance at the restaurant was also part of Chicago’s Restaurant Week, an event aimed to boost business during a slow time for the industry.

Photo: YouTube/Shedd Aquarium

While this may be the penguins’ first trip to a fancy restaurant, it’s not their first time enjoying quality seafood. According to the video’s caption, they eat it daily!

When shared on Facebook, many people instantly fell in love with seeing the penguins at the restaurant.

“I love it 🐧❤️🐧 beautiful penguins in a restaurant!!!” one person commented.

“These penguins for sure have a better more active social life then I do (and that includes even preCovid!)” another joked.

“Penguins in a restaurant! What a time to be alive!” someone added.

Photo: YouTube/Shedd Aquarium

Naturally, there were many jokes about how polite it was that penguins wore nice tuxedos to the restaurant.

Watch the video below for yourself:

You can learn more about Shedd’s plastic initiative here and nominate a restaurant to participate.

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