These Penguins Are #RelationshipGoals!

Let’s face it: penguins are super cute. They’re fluffy. They have wings, but can’t fly, which, in my opinion, makes them pretty darn endearing. Plus, male emperor penguins are some of the best dads ever, sitting on their eggs and keeping them warm during the frigid arctic winters (temps often dip below -30 degrees Fahrenheit) for sometimes more than two months at a time!

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/BernardBreton
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/BernardBreton

Then there’s the silliness of their waddle juxtaposed next to the elegance of their black and white fur, which looks strikingly similar to a tuxedo.

And if all of those reasons weren’t enough to put you firmly in the “penguins are totally adorable” camp, the penguins in the video below are bound to do so.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Moritz Buchty
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Moritz Buchty

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These adorable birds took sweetness to a whole new level when they were spotted strolling down a South African beach… wait for it…


Flipper in flipper?

Well, anyway, it was more than enough to melt the hearts of internet surfers everywhere:

It’s not hard to understand why people sort of lost their minds over this adorable couple.

Take a look! We’re pretty sure you’ll agree: they’re #relationshipgoals!

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