Penguins Can’t Seem To Get A Handle On Walking — And It’s Hilarious

Penguins are probably one of the most easily identifiable birds in the world thanks to their tuxedo-like patterns, their distinct body shape, and their complete inability to fly.

They are also found almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere of the planet, making them incredibly unique,

These aquatic birds spend around 75% of the lives in the water, much of that time being used to hunt and eat. And when they are in the water, they are truly in their element.

When penguins are underwater, they are arguably the most graceful animals one can see…but out of the water, gravity isn’t as kind to these wobbly birds.

Thanks to cutting-edge photographic technology, we can see exactly how ungraceful these fancy critters are, when they try to merely walk around a bit.

Watch the video below to see some of the best penguin fall-fails!

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