Pasta Straws Are Being Used Instead Of Paper Or Plastic

The environmental crisis is something that none of us can ignore any longer. It is important that we all do our part in whatever way we can to try and reverse the damage.

As we become more concerned about the future, we’ve become more open to eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. The best example of this is the change we’ve made with straws. Besides biodegradable paper straws and reusable metal straws, there is now a new type that people can use…and it is sourced from a material we’re all familiar with that is inside our kitchen cupboards.

Pasta straws are the product of Pasta Life, a gluten-free, vegan pasta straw brand. The idea to have pasta straws came after the two co-founders, Anthony and Dave, got frustrated with how quickly the paper straws dissolved in liquid.

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That is when they decided to do something about it by creating their rice flour-based pasta straws, which have proved their durability at being able to last 40 minutes or longer while in a cold drink. This is roughly three times longer than normal paper straws.

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Of course, the company stresses that their straws should only be used in cold drinks as hot drinks have the capacity to turn the straws into their noodle form.

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All the pasta straws come in a number of colors such as green, yellow, or blue. But what is more impressive is that the dyes are derived from entirely natural ingredients such as katuk, turmeric, and butterfly pea flower.

But don’t worry, the straws are flavorless and once they’ve been used you can discard them in your backyard, garden, or window box and they will break down in less than 90 days. Pretty cool, right?

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These straws come in different sizes as well depending on what sort of drink you’ll be drinking. There are cocktail straws or smoothie ones, so you can check out more info on their website, Pasta Life.

All straws are gluten-free and vegan, and you can easily purchase them on Amazon.

What do you think of these straws? What sustainable and eco-friendly items do you use? Let us know!

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