Parrot Does A Perfect Impression Of A Metal Detector

Parrots are known to be quite skilled at making impersonations of different sounds. Their mastery of speech and mimicry has led to many funny stories or videos. Growing up, there was one summer when a car alarm would sound every single morning at 5:30 am. After nearly three months of interrupted sleep, we finally figured out that it wasn’t an actual car alarm, but rather our next-door neighbor’s parrot.


And for one caique, there is a particular sound that it liked to make an impression of a metal detector. The talented parrot was filmed by its owner doing an incredibly spot-on impersonation of a metal detector. The adorable impression was even accompanied by a little parrot dance as it bobbed around back and forth.


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In case you’re not sure what a metal detector sounds like, check out the noise below:

And now, watch the parrot’s version in the clip below:

What do you think of this parrot’s impersonation? Let us know!

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