National Parks Have Waged War Against Each Other And It Couldn’t Be More Awesome!

From Colorado’s Generation Wild to REI’s #optoutside, there has been a huge push to encourage people of all ages to ditch their screens (if only for awhile) and explore the great outdoors. It probably comes as no surprise that we share the sentiment. We’re all for celebrating the beautiful world we live in. And clearly we’re not alone.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Josemaria Toscano
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/Josemaria Toscano

But what happens when this celebration turns into ruthless competition and eventually full on war?

The answer: #parksunsetwars

It all started rather innocently. On May 5th, Arizona’s Saguaro National Park posted a breathtaking photo of one of their sunsets. The caption boasted that the park has “the best sunsets in the world.”

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And, well, growing up less that 30 minutes from this national park, I can say with a degree of certainty that they have a point.

However, the folks at Joshua Tree National Park in California had something to say about that. Joshua Tree commented below the park’s picture, “Best sunsets in the world? Lol suuuuure.”

The result? An incredibly charming war being fought using stunning images paired with #parksunsetwars.

We never thought we’d align ourselves with such a bitter battle, but we’ve gotta say–we love a fight that’s all about fostering an appreciation of our planet’s natural beauty!

Sharlot Hart, who had an active role in beginning #parksunsetwars, said of the campaign, “We’re national parks. We’re the people’s parks. So getting people out to take their own sunset pictures, and have that pride in public lands, is awesome.”

We love the spirit of this hashtag. And we love that the trend is catching on. It’s not just national parks who are tagging their sunset images with #parksunsetwars. People from all over the country are taking pictures of sunsets in their favorite national parks and tagging them with the sunset wars hasthtag!

And while we’re happy to look at pictures of amazing sunsets around the world all day, we’re happy to see the initial post also includes a call for people to suggest the next topic!

From the sound of things, the battle may be coming to an end, but the war is far from over!

We couldn’t be more excited to see what’s next!

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