Paragliders Take To The Skies, Bring Supplies To Flood Victims Trapped In Homes

Tropical Storm Dianmu has already wreaked havoc in 30 provinces, flooded more than 70,000 homes, and killed eight people, in what they say is the worst flooding Thailand has seen in years.

Thai authorities have rushed to protect parts of Bangkok, and soldiers have been setting up barriers and sandbags to protect archaeological ruins and landmarks, as well as neighborhoods and businesses.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Emergency teams are continuing to evacuate some people from their homes, while others literally took to the sky to bring relief to flood victims trapped in their houses.

Since it’s hard to drive cars or walk through the high waters, rescuers had to come up with a different way to get to the people who are stuck in their homes. These flood victims would soon run out of food, water and supplies needed to survive.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Paragliders have been gathering food and supplies and delivering them to one of the provinces that were hit hard by the floods.

Much of the localized flooding is due to seasonal rains, but water that flows down the Chao Phraya River makes the problem worse. During droughts, dams and reservoirs along the river hold as much water as possible to ease irrigation, but this causes issues during rainy season when they fill to their capacities.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Once the dams and reservoirs are full, they unfortunately contribute to the flooding.

The flooding will ease once rainfall ends, but Thailand is watching the forecast closely, which says a new storm could be on its way there later this week.

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