Thanks To All Of You This Rescued Pangolin Finally Has A Name!

Over the past week leading up to Earth Day, we asked that you all come together to help us name a recently rescued pangolin. Thanks to everyone’s exceptionally creative names, this wonderful creature has earned the perfect name of Vincent Pan Gogh!

Last week we left this choice completely up to you, our dedicated readers and followers. When all was said and done, there were hundreds of submitted names, but we had to narrow it down to 10 different names. After 753 total votes, 31% went to the winning name of Vincent Pan Gogh, which we thought was as good as it gets.

Thanks to a boy and his father living in a small village in Thailand, this pangolin managed to find his way back into the wild instead of being given up to poachers. For Thai people, selling a pangolin could mean money equal to nearly a full year’s worth of wages. But thanks to the education that has been provided in the area from the Zoological Society of London, they knew that it was far more important to set the animal free.

Rescued Sunda Pangolin. ZSL. 1

This Earth Day we have focused our efforts on providing help for numerous animals, especially focused towards pangolins with our Project Peril campaigns. With all of your help and support we have not only helped to keep animals safe, but have provided extensive education about the plight of many endangered creatures!

As you continue to help, check out the link below to learn more about the Project Peril pangolin operation!

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