Rare Footage Shows ‘Painted Wolves’ Returning To Their Den To Feed Their Pups

Endangered “painted wolves” have captured the hearts of conservationists around the world. With an estimated 3,000 left in the wild and 6,600 left in the world, it’s easy to see why efforts need to be made to protect the species for future generations.

In an effort to help these animals, Working with Wildlife captured rare footage of the African painted wolves returning to their den to feed a litter of hungry pups.

Spreading awareness of the species may help draw further attention from conservationists and enact changes and policies to further protect and strengthen them.

Photo: pxfuel

According to BBC Earth, painted wolves are “Africa’s second most endangered carnivore,” right behind the Ethiopian wolf. They didn’t have a great reputation in the past, so efforts are being made to change the public’s view of these wolves.

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In the video below, captured on a 4K GoPro, you can see the mother painted wolf return to her den with some food.

Photo: YouTube/Working With Wildlife

It’s not long before her large litter of puppies runs up and greets her, taking food for themselves.

The puppies run all over the place, carrying around and eating large chunks of meat.

Photo: YouTube/Working With Wildlife
Photo: YouTube/Working With Wildlife

At one point, some of the pups get in a playful fight of who gets what bite and it’s quite entertaining.

Watch the video below:

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