Adorable Video Of Rescue Otters Playing With A Bucket Of Ice Goes Viral

Otters aren’t just adorable animals, they’re also quite playful.

If you’ve ever been to an aquarium or a zoo that has otters, it is so easy to get entranced and want to spend hours watching these lively little creatures have fun.

They can definitely keep themselves entertained with the simplest of items.

Photo: Pixabay

In fact, a trio of rescued river otters living at the Oregon Zoo was melting hearts with their icy antics.

The three otters – Tilly, Hobson, and Flora – were enthralled by a big bucket of ice cubes.

Photo: YouTube/Oregon Zoo

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Photo: YouTube/Oregon Zoo

The zoo workers had left them out for the animals to roll around in, and the otters took full advantage.

Photo: YouTube/Oregon Zoo
Photo: YouTube/Oregon Zoo

They were really living it up with their ice cube fun!

A video of the otters playing in the ice was uploaded to the zoo’s YouTube. In the caption, they wrote, “Tilly, Flora and Hobson set the ice machine to ottermatic.”

Watch the trio in the video below:

What do you think of the playful trio? Have you ever seen otters play with ice? Let us know!

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