Otters Lose Their Minds When They See This Creature Flying Around Them

Otters are some of the most playful and endearing animals on the planet. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they just seem to always get into some kind of mischief.

Whether it is juggling their favorite rocks, holding each other’s hands to keep from drifting apart while floating in their favorite swimming spot, or doing somersaults on the surface of the water, these animals are always interesting to watch.


And when a group of otters find themselves face to face with a butterfly, they apparently go absolutely nuts.

When this yellow butterfly fluttered its way near a group of otters, all kinds of chaos erupted as the animals did everything in their power to chase around this mysterious new creature that was flying in their midst.

Everywhere the butterfly went, this group of curious otters followed.


After a short while, the insect was simply flying back and forth between the otters, and it looked like they were trying to watch a game of professional tennis with the way their heads were going, trying to follow the flight path of the butterfly.

Otters as a species are already extremely curious and outgoing, so when something they don’t see everyday comes near, they absolutely have to try and investigate.


Even after the butterfly finally flies away at the end of the video clip, you can tell how desperately the otters want it to come back. They even stand up on their back legs to look up towards the sky, desperately searching for the thing that was just entertaining them for the past minute.

It’s almost impossible to not fall in love with otters at first sight, but after seeing this it will be even more difficult.

Check out the video below!

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