Watching This Otter Juggling Rocks Will Make Your Day Infinitely Better

Seeing something this cute is guaranteed to make any day better. Otters are such adorable creatures and this little guy is such a gem. Watching him play with rocks is all you need to chase your stress away. What a cutie!

Otter Facts:

There are 13 species of otters and only one is not endangered or decreasing in numbers, and that is the North American River Otter. The other 12 species of otter are losing numbers way too fast! Environment and poaching has played a big part in their decreasing numbers.

Otters use their feces, called spraint, to mark their territory and communicate with other otters. However, they only use certain dedicated spots to do their business and keep the rest of their home very clean.

Otters have the thickest fur of any other mammal on the planet. Their layers of fur work to keep them warm and help them float.

Scientists use drones to keep an eye on the otter population. Getting too close to their habitats has proved tricky since otters will suspect humans nearby and not act naturally.

And for the best otter fact: THEY’RE ADORABLE!

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