Watch This Kayaker Get An Unexpected But Very Friendly Otter Visit

Otters are quite possibly some of the most adorable and playful aquatic creatures on the entire planet. They hold hands when they sleep, they can juggle rocks, and they just love to play.

They actually enjoy playing so much that when a kayaker was out and enjoying a nice, relaxing paddle, an otter jumped up into her boat just to say hello and see what the kayaker was up to.

Seemingly out of nowhere, this otter decides that it wants to be best friends with this lady kayaker and proceeds to hop up into her boat and give her legs some serious cuddles.

YouTube/The Dodo
YouTube/The Dodo

Since otters are made to perfectly get in and out of the water, thanks to their unique coat, this little friend had no trouble at all getting in and out of the kayak.

Their extremely thick fur helps to capture air between the hair follicles, which makes them buoyant enough to float on their backs at will and relax. Their coat also allows them to seamlessly transition from dry ground to water by acting very similarly to a wetsuit.

Otters can be found all over the world in nearly every waterway on the planet. Sea otters, however, rarely come ashore and are almost exclusively found along the Pacific coasts of Russia and Alaska, as well as the central California coast.

YouTube/The Dodo
YouTube/The Dodo

Since these adorable animals are so social, it is often not surprising that they regularly find themselves interacting with humans who are out on the water.

Social lives for otters are extremely important, and with some species, they form groups of nearly 100 otters that all float together, called a raft.

Overall, otters are just one of the Earth’s wonderful animals that we can all enjoy when we get to see them interacting in their natural habitats and just enjoying their lives.

Check out the video below to see the adorable kayak encounter!

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