Thinking About Eating Organic? This Will Convince You.

Old MacDonald had a farm, G-M, G-M-O – wait, what?

In this brilliant marketing video from Only Organic, a group of kids are putting a new twist on the classic children’s song. With a few updated lyrics and some all-too-realistic-looking pesticide spray, they reveal the dark side of industrial farming and demonstrate why going organic is so important. Individual health improves with nutritious, organic food. The environment is able to operate as it should without chemical-filled pesticides. And organic, non-industrial farmers are able to stay in business.

Move over, Old MacDonald. There’s a new farmer in town. Check out this clever marketing campaign and go organic! You’ll help your health, your local farmer, and our precious environment all at the same time. Win-win!

Buying organic isn’t the only way you can help the planet! You can support programs that preserve precious wildlife habitat.

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