After Seeing A Woman Point At Her Belly This Orangutan Moved Closer And Brought Her To Tears!

For most people, a trip to the zoo doesn’t usually come with a moment you will remember for the rest of your life. But for Morgain Cole Abbott, that is exactly what she got when she visited the Colchester Zoo in England.

After walking up to see the zoo’s 48-year-old orangutan, Rajang, Abbot began pointing out her pregnant belly to the primate and watching him respond. But then, he started to move towards the glass and in a gesture of love and kindness, kissed the window right next to Abbot’s baby bump.

“I think I’m going to cry,” Abbott said, as seen on the video.

Rajang has offered similar affections to other zoo-goers, but this moment just shows how much empathy and love these animals actually feel.

Because of this incredible life-moment, Abbott decided she wanted to make a serious effort to help endangered orangutans in the wild. And she thought the best people to encourage to help would be the ones watching her video…

“Let’s take this incredible moment and make an even bigger impact, in the hope that one day my baby will be able to see these phenomenal creatures in the wild, safe from harm,” Abbott said in her Facebook post.

There are orphaned orangutans all over the world that need help to get back into the wild, and you can make the difference!

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