Rescuers Save Hundreds Of Birds From Island Devastated By Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian did a lot of damage, and it wasn’t just humans affected by the hurricane, but also pets and local wildlife.

However, there was a rescue mission, which was called “Operation Noah’s Ark,” which was set up in order to rescue hundreds of birds from Pine Island in Florida, after it was decimated by Hurricane Ian.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to the Evening Standard, the rescue mission was launched to cage and transport a lot of birds off the island.

The founder and leader of Project Dynamo, Bryan Stern, shared that birds weren’t the only animals to get rescued during their “Operation Noah’s Ark” mission. In fact, Stern shared that his team also managed to help rescue at least six dogs and three cats before even attempting their massive bird rescue.

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

According to KMBC, Stern explained, “Our animal numbers are about to be blown out of the water by 100 cages of parrots.”

He added, “Will and Laura, who own the sanctuary, their hearts and souls are in the birds. So they’re going through their own suffering from the hurricane and having to rebuild their lives. They lost all kinds of stuff. Is the answer to that to lose more?”

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

Stern and his crew of volunteers were not about to give up. They worked tirelessly for several hours. During the rescue, the volunteers got out nets and even used their own bare hands to try and trap birds and get them into transport cages.

One person helped, Peratino, stated, “To have every bird safe is a huge undertaking. I mean, it’s almost impossible to do. So the kind of help we’ve gotten has been invaluable.”

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