This Never Before Seen Whale Was Finally Caught On Camera!

Omura’s whale is an incredibly rare species. Also known as the dwarf fin, the omura’s whale is a small baleen whale, measuring between 32 and 38 feet. But scientists have found it difficult to research the mammals, leaving them unsure of whether larger Omura’s exist.

However, researchers recently spotted 25 Omura’s whales off the northwest coast of Madagascar, and were able to gather new details about the elusive animals.

So far, scientists have been able to study and report the Omura’s whales’ unique asymmetrical pigmentation on the head and jaw. Scientists will continue their research and hope to study their vocal patterns, mating process, and behavior.

What makes this discovery even more exciting is the fact that they were able to get footage of the rarely seen whales!

Check out the video below to learn more about their findings, and catch a glimpse of the beautiful Omura’s whale yourself.

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