Octopuses React Differently Depending On The Genre Of Music Playing

Octolab was recently listening to questions that viewers had about music. The people who work at the lab decided to answer a question, so they took Arnold the Octopus out of his barrel and put him in an empty tank. Liza, a different octopus was put into a separate tank. There was a speaker between the two tanks and they wanted to see how the octopuses would respond to various recordings of music.

“In today’s video, we’ll be taking a look at whether or not an octopus will react to music. The music is played through an underwater speaker and recorded. We used the original underwater music in the playback to ensure perfect timing. This is a request from viewer ‘Original Badguy'”

Not every song seemed to have an effect on Arnold and Liza but they did seem to react to classical, atmospherical and tunes with strong bass. Arnold even looked around to try to find the source of the music at one point.

Octolab does research on the behavior and makeup of octopi. Each of the octopi in their care has been rescued from a fisherman.

At no point do we place any of our animals in harm’s way. Our priority is, always has been, and will always be the well-being and health of our octopuses. …All of the eight-armed friends who are part of the Octolab project were rescued from the catch of fishermen. Their fate would have been gruesome otherwise. Quite literally they would have been smashed on the rocks while still alive to “tenderize” them and then hung to dry in the sun before being sold to local seafood restaurants and markets.

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