Man Plans To Clean Up 90% Of All Floating Ocean Plastic By 2040

It is getting harder and harder to deny that our world is facing a massive extinction and climate crisis. There are many factors contributing to the climate crisis, but one of the biggest threats that is currently affecting our oceans is plastic pollution.

There is just so much trash floating out there in our oceans. It’s harming marine life on such a large scale. But trying to do their part to combat the plastic pollutants floating freely in the seas is a nonprofit, Ocean Cleanup, who are giving their best efforts to cleaning up the floating plastics.

While the nonprofit has a major task ahead of them as their attempt to clean up 90% of plastics floating in the ocean, they have had a pretty quick victory so far in their quest. They managed to remove almost 20,000 pounds of floating ocean plastic pollution!

Photo: Pixabay/ds_30

The nonprofit is coming up with innovative ways of cleaning up the floating plastic bits that have become a part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a huge collection of trash within the Pacific Ocean right between the states of California and Hawaii.

It is a monumental task to try and tackle, but the organization did have success with the last test of their large-scale cleanup system.

The Ocean Cleanup organization was happy to announce that they had managed to collect 19,841 pounds of plastic debris.

The founder of the Ocean Cleanup organization, Boyan Slat, was thrilled to announce on social media, “Holy mother of god. It all worked!!! Massive load.”

Furthermore, the Ocean Cleanup group posted to its website the good news, writing, “The day has come to celebrate the beginning of the end of the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

This victory is a long time in the making, as Slat was only 18-years-old back in 2012 when he made the vow to find a way to clean up the oceans using technology. He had to face many naysayers who told him that “there was no hope of ever cleaning it up,” which just makes this accomplishment that much sweeter!

Speaking on the subject, Slat did admit, “They were right then; no method existed to do it.”

But then he added, “Proud (and relieved!) to say that now there is.”

Slat has shared that roughly 10 of these upscaled systems could be used to clear away 50% of the garbage within the Great Pacific Garbage Patch during the first 5 years. He plans to attempt to remove 90% of all floating ocean plastic by 2040.

Let’s hope he can make that his next big success! What do you think? Let us know!

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