Where Did All The Trees Go? Oops, Our Bad!

Rapper-activist Prince Ea, the founder of the Make SMART (Sophisticating Minds and Revolutionizing Thought) Cool movement, produced a video with a powerful message: Dear Future Generations: Sorry. The video, rich with facts and commentary, frustration and hope, was released in 2015. It was prescient.

Today, climate change is recognized as a global problem and accelerating faster than anyone predicted, with frightening effects that nearly every corner of the globe has already experienced. Extreme weather disasters are rapidly becoming more common, with floods, high winds, and heavy rain and ice doing massive amounts of damage. Loss of vulnerable glaciers is accelerating at an impossible rate. Wildfires in familiar places and in places where nobody would expect them are getting bigger and harder to stop, even as our trees succumb to a warming climate and invasive pests, creating ever more fodder to burn. And as deserts grow around the world, entire islands are actually disappearing.

There is still hope. A recent study showed that one of the simplest ways to combat climate change is also one of the most potentially effective: we have to plant trees on an industrial scale. New technology is emerging to reduce car emissions, and solar energy is booming. But hope is not tangible change, and we have a terribly long way to go if we’re going to save life on Earth as we know it. The first step down a path of hope is raising awareness, and making sure people know why they need to care.

So once again, here is Prince Ea, reminding us why this fight belongs to all of us. His ultimate message? Do something.

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