Family Adopts Newt They Found In Their Aldi Celery Pack

A family was surprised to discover a little newt hiding in a bag of celery they purchased at Aldi.

Phillip Caterer-Stentiford was pulling some stalks of celery out of the bag he purchased when the little salamander fell out. The newt had been in the fridge for six days before being discovered.

According to the Metro, the little animal initially tried to book it away but Phillip caught it and decided to keep it as a pet.


The family named the pet Nigella the Newt and gave it a hamster cage to live in. Since they found the little newt hiding amongst the celery, it was only fitting that they offered her some of the vegetable as a snack.

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Phillip and his family are no strangers to rescuing animals and taking in those in need. They’ve taken in multiple rescue cats in the past so they were happy to take in the salamander and help it find a forever home in the wild.

The Caterer-Stentifords are located in South Croydon and they didn’t want the little critter to just wander away and potentially die from hunger, thirst, or injury. Instead, they committed to getting the animal to a safe place in a woodland area near a natural pond.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The family was clearly concerned for Nigella’s wellbeing which is a breath of fresh air.

According to the Metro, Aldi offered Phillip a £15 voucher for the unexpected guest in his produce and suggested the RSPCA could collect the little critter.

World News shared a photo from the family on Twitter with the celery and Nigella. Check it out below:

It’s nice to know the little newt ended up with such a kind-hearted family.

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