You Won’t Believe How Hippos Birth Their Young — I Had No Idea!

Hippopotamuses – who share a common ancestor with whales and porpoises – despite a diet that predominantly consists of short grasses, spend much of their lives in rivers and swamps, basking in the cool water. In fact, much like their distant cousins, the life of a hippo begins underwater.

The pregnant hippo is about to give birth and in preparation, she must find a secluded area up river to keep both her and the baby hippo safe from any threats. More importantly, she secludes herself from other hippos so that she and her baby can identify and bond with each other. She will be away for a whole two weeks before returning to her pod of hippos with the newborn baby.

Being able to see this incredible miracle of birth happen in the wild is just an absolute treat!

Have a look at the video below to and watch the extraordinary birth of a newborn hippo and the dangers both the mother and the baby hippo face when they try to find their way back home.

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