Some Of The Most Adorable Wolf Pups You Will Ever See

Out in the wild there are all kinds of animals that can be a real treat to see in their natural habitats. But there are very few of them that are as adorable as a pack of cuddly wolf pups.

During a hike in Idaho’s Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, two videographers happen upon a pack of wolf pups denned just off the trail they were hiking.

Just being able to see their fuzzy little heads popping up from their shelter is on the verge of being a cuteness overload. Imagine taking a stroll through the mountains and being able to witness these incredible animals; it must have been such a treat!

Wolf pups not only adorable, but they are also incredibly playful.

Watch the video to see the playful pups romp while their pack is away making sure everyone is safe and have enough food to eat.

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