A Horse is a Horse, Of Course–Unless Her Name is Christine.

Obviously, in an ideal world, there would be no animal in danger of extinction. When we think about species that are endangered we think of tigers, lions, bald eagles, and pandas. Animals that are emblazoned on shirts, bumper stickers, even money. However, those are not the only animals that are endangered. Horses as a whole may be fairly common, but there are certain breeds that are desperately in need of our help, including the Przewalski horse. Thankfully, not everyone overlooks the lesser known creatures that need help.

Ours is not a perfect planet, but at their Virginia facility, the National Zoo is doing what they can to preserve species dangerously close to being lost. In the video, you’ll meet Christine, a very special Przewalski horse who represents a major scientific breakthrough for the rare Mongolian breed.

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