People Are Mystified After Giant Metal Orb Washes Up On Japanese Beach

People in Japan are mystified after a giant metal ball washed up on a beach.

According to Insider, the metal ball is about 5 feet in diameter and recently washed up on Enshuhama Beach in the coastal city of Hamamatsu, Japan.

Photo: Twitter/@nhk_shizuoka_

The buoy-like object has been called an “iron ball” by some media outlets, but it’s unclear if the ball is actually iron or not.

The Shizuoka Broadcasting Station shared about the mysterious object on Twitter, saying:

“Mysterious iron ball on the beach? It was found that a metal sphere with a diameter of about 5 meters was launched on the coast of Enshuhama in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.”

Photo: Twitter/@nhk_shizuoka_
Photo: Twitter/@nhk_shizuoka_

“According to the police investigation, there is no danger of explosion, but it is not known in detail what kind of thing it is,” they added.

You can check out the video of authorities examining the ball below:

While no one is sure what the item really is, many people have thrown ideas out there that range from fantastical to more realistic. Among the most likely ideas is a mooring buoy. Mooring buoys float in the water and are anchored away from the shore for boats to use. They occasionally come loose and can float away.

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