Mudskippers Look Incredibly Strange, But What They Eat Is Even Stranger

In general, fish live their lives entirely underwater, while most land animals are unable to breath underwater; and rightfully so. But every once in awhile, people come across creatures that seemingly contradict the laws of nature.

Mudskippers are one of the few fish that can actually breathe air, making them one of the most unique fish on the planet. They spend a lot of their time flapping around their fins, trying to navigate through mud, and looking a long-lost evolutionary link — hence the name mudskipper.

And as it turns out, they actually eat the very same mud that they spend their days flopping through.

By dragging themselves around in the mud by their specially adapted fins, these filter-feeders suck up the mud like a vacuum. The mud contains an exceptional amount of tiny little plants, animals, and nutrients that the mudskippers filter out of the mud with their special mouths.

Check out the video below to have a look at these incredibly unique creatures.

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