Motorcyclist Stops To Help Armadillo In Need Of Water

When a kind-hearted motorcyclist stopped to help an armadillo safely cross a busy road, he ended up helping it in a much bigger way!

Nelson Cardoso was headed home on a busy Brazillian highway when he spotted an armadillo on the side of the road. Rather than passing it by like everyone else was doing, Cardoso decided to stop and help the animal cross the road before it got hurt or even killed by the traffic.

However, when Cardoso pulled over, the little mammal didn’t try to run away, but instead, walked straight for him!

Photo: TikTok/nelsoncardoso89

In an interview with The Dodo, Cardoso recalled, “Normally, they’re skittish. But he approached me without fear.” He went on to say that it was a hot day and he suspected the little creature might be hot.

Before parting ways, Cardoso decided to pour some water on the armadillo, and surprisingly, that’s exactly what it wanted! The armadillo was so thirsty it began to drip the water being poured on it and even sipped water from Cardoso’s hands.

Photo: TikTok/nelsoncardoso89

It’s a good thing Cardoso stopped because he was able to help it get water and safely get across the road. Despite the word “armadillo” meaning “little armored one,” their armor isn’t strong enough to withstand the force of a car. According to Live Science, “The armadillo’s armor works well against most predators, but not against cars.”

What makes the rescue even more surprising is that when an armadillo feels threatened, it “runs, digs, or presses its body down in the dirt,” according to the San Diego Zoo.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

However, this little guy seemed to know that Cardoso was there to help and approached him! Some animals really do have a good sense of judgment.

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When motorcyclist Nelson Cardoso was heading home from work on a Brazilian highway, he noticed an armadillo that was looking lost and stopped to help it.

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