Hidden Camera Captures Life In An Underground Den With A Mother Fox And Her Cubs

A hidden camera captured what happens in an underground den when a mother fox and her cubs moved in.

Jane and Dan of Texas Backyard Wildlife started the project of filming wildlife for their YouTube channel and website. While looking for wildlife to film, they noticed a mother fox that would bring her pups to an underground tree den every year.

When the Austin, Texas couple suspected she’d be arriving with pups, they set up hidden cameras around and in the den to capture the hidden life of the little fox family.

Photo: YouTube/Texas Backyard Wildlife

One night, the cameras captured the mother fox moving her four-month-old pups into the “Magic Tree Den.” The den starts as a hollow log, but it opens into a hidden den with plenty of space for the family of five to live and stay protected from coyotes.

In the video, they said, “The parent foxes know this den is a safe place for their pups – coyotes can’t get in – and they use it every year. When the adult foxes are not inside with their little ones they usually keep watch outside in the playpen area.”

Photo: YouTube/Texas Backyard Wildlife

Footage captured the little pups having a blast playing with one another and even with their mom!

They played by pulling each other’s tails and roughhousing before taking a break to get some milk.

Photo: YouTube/Texas Backyard Wildlife
Photo: YouTube/Texas Backyard Wildlife

Finally, they got tired and needed to rest. The little pups can be seen snuggling up with one another and getting some shut-eye.

“They liked to sleep all piled up inside the hollow log entryway and then they made the main area of the den their playground. There’s lots of space there for little ones to run around,” they explained in the video description.

Photo: YouTube/Texas Backyard Wildlife

Watch the adorable video below:

Some people would try to get rid of foxes from their property and view them as a nuisance, but this video shows just how beautiful a fox family is. It’s clear the little pups play just like puppies or kittens and the mama fox is truly dedicated to the wellbeing of her little ones.

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