Mother Bear Stops Traffic To Allow Her Cubs To Safely Cross The Road

Traffic was at a standstill on a busy road in Winstead, Connecticut thanks to a mother bear and her four cubs.

The mother bear wanted to get her four cubs safely across the road and cars were courteous enough to oblige. However, as any mom knows, getting four small kids (or bear cubs) to do anything in an orderly manner is near impossible.

One driver even filmed the mother bear attempting to help her cubs cross the street and the video quickly went viral.

Photo: YouTube/WFSB 3

In the video, you can see the mother has traffic stopped so she picks up a cub in her mouth and walks across the street, with two more cubs following behind her.

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However, when she turned around and crossed back to the other side to retrieve her fourth and final cub, the other cubs followed her back across the street!

Photo: YouTube/WFSB 3

So, the mama bear had to start the whole process over again. I’m sure many human moms can empathize with her exasperation at trying to keep her cubs safe and also get them to listen and do what she wants.

Photo: YouTube/WFSB 3

After some struggling to get her cubs in order, the mama bear attempts to hold two in her mouth at the same time, but that doesn’t work either.

Traffic remained stopped as she continued to help her cubs cross the street.

Photo: YouTube/WFSB 3

Thankfully, she finally manages to get all four cubs safely across. Someone needs to pour this mama bear a drink after all that effort!

Watch the adorable video below:

It just goes to show that we’re not all that different – being a mom and all that goes with that is something that’s experienced across species.

What do you think of the mama bear and her cubs? If you’re a parent, can you relate?

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