Wildlife Photographer Shares Beautiful Video Of A Moth That Looks Like A Tiger’s Eye

Nature is pretty cool, and wildlife photographers must always have a fun time capturing some of the world’s most exotic or beautiful-patterned creatures. But one video managed to capture the incredible footage that is a tiger-eyed moth.

David Weiller is a wildlife photographer who is known for taking all kinds of photos of the most unusual and striking animals all around the globe. In fact, his website is a plethora of incredible shots of interesting animals, such as booted raquet-tail hummingbirds and Costa Rican hammerhead flies.

But there is one video of his that has stood out from the rest because of the beautiful pattern on a moth’s wings. It closely looks like tiger eyes!

The moth in question is known as a Brahmaea Hearseyi moth. It is found all across many countries on the Asian continent, such as Burma, Western China, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

As David explained in the YouTube video description, “The 15cm moth has some of the most intricate optical illusion wing patterns.”

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The moth’s wingspan has been known to measure up to an impressive 20cm. But that’s not the most extraordinary part of the moth’s wings. What is truly awe-inspiring about this particular moth’s wings is the beautiful markings which are “fake eye markings make it look like an owl or a tiger.”

David also said, “The parallel fine lines are typical of the graphic patterns of the Family Brahmaeidae. These lines are wavy, broken, accentuated, and cover a large part of the wing surface. You may notice the curious ‘electrocardiograms’ of the hindwings and the ‘tiger-skin’ effect of the forewings.”

The video has been viewed more than 13,000 times. There have also been plenty of people commenting on the gorgeous moth. One person wrote, “That is a beautiful creature! I love the pattern and how gorgeous the ‘eyes’ look. Would love to see a moth-like this in real life!”

David is known to frequently post other videos and pictures of amazing wildlife to his social media accounts like his Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. And it definitely goes to show just how incredible nature can design its creatures.

Watch the incredible video below:

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