Meanwhile In Russia: A Driver Captures A Mosquito Tornado On Video

Many of us look forward to the weather getting warmer but there is something that we don’t look forward to – the mosquitoes that come along with it.

Perhaps you live in a part of the world where mosquitoes are a real problem, but you are likely to feel better about your situation after seeing a video from Russia.

A Russian driver was able to capture something that very few people have ever seen. It was a swarm of mosquitoes that was so large, it darkened the sky and created what can only be described as a mosquito tornado.

Photo: YouTube/Cobrapost

Although this may be a rather rare occurrence, it was something that the man in Russia was able to show to the world. Fortunately, for him, he was safely sitting inside in his car at the time.

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This video was taken in the Eastern Russian village of Ust-Kamchatsk on July 17. According to the man who took the footage, he had traveled for hundreds of meters through the swarm of mosquitoes.

Photo: YouTube/Cobrapost

It seems as if the male mosquitoes were out looking for a mate, but they were doing so in such great numbers that it boggles the mind.

Interestingly, they were in no danger of getting thousands of mosquito bites because only female mosquitoes will bite a human. The males were just looking for a mosquito female, and it seems as if they were more outnumbered than what you might find on an Internet dating website.

Photo: pxfuel

It seems as if this is not unusual if you happen to live in that area. It happens every year, so it isn’t some deadly plague that is coming to get you. That being said, the person filming the video did admit that it seemed that there were more than usual this year.

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