Mosquitoes Keeping You Indoors? Not After You Read This.

Are you a mosquito magnet? If so, we have found just the thing for you. Summer is a wonderful time to reconnect with the outdoors, but time in the yard also means exposure to insects.

Short of dousing yourself in toxic chemicals, it’s easy to feel defeated in the battle against the bite. But never fear! These 7 natural mosquito repellents will keep the bugs at bay, and keep your body and home chemical-free!


7. Garlic: Not Just For Vampires

According to the Mayo Clinic, eating garlic can transform your bodily scent into one that’s absolutely revolting — to mosquitoes! Rubbing garlic oil directly onto your skin is also an effective practice. Bonus: you’ll combat vampire attacks while you’re at it.

6. It’s All About The Herbs

Scented geranium leaves give off a naturally repellant odor that’s an effective bug deterrent when applied to the skin. Researchers say it’s because rose-scented geraniums contain both citronellal and geraniol, two compounds mosquitoes can’t stand.

Another homegrown repellent option is lemon balm. Although lemon balm oil (also called melissa oil) is hard to find in stores, some nurseries carry certain strains of lemon balm plants. To use the balm as a repellent, crush a handful of leaves in your hand and rub them on exposed skin.

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