After Losing Her Leg To A Landmine, This Elephant Got The Best Gift Ever From An Amazing Surgeon

When she was just 7 months old, Mosha, an Asian elephant, lost her leg to a landmine near the Burmese border. Due to her injuries, Mosha became a permanent resident at Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation, an organization dedicated to heal sick and injured elephants. Once Mosha’s story reached Dr. Therdchai Jivacate, an orthopedist surgeon, he then decided to offer lifesaving service to the three-legged elephant.

Dr. Jivicate designed and created a fully functional prosthetic leg for Mosha six years ago — the first prosthetic of its kind! Dr. Jivicate explained to Reuters that the prosthetic was absolutely essential for the elephant’s survival, “the way she walked (without a prosthetic) was unbalanced and her spine was going to bend… she would have died.”

Ever since, Dr. Jivacate designed and fitted Mosha with nine artificial legs to keep up with her growing body. The two are now inseparable and as happy as ever! Watch Mosha test out her latest prosthetic limb in the video below!

(You can help elephants like Mosha! Protect endangered Asian elephants here!)

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