Moose Makes Himself At Home And Swims In Homeowner’s Pool

When you live in Ottawa, Canada, you never quite know what you are going to see. One thing that tends to be on the radar most days, however, is some type of wildlife. That includes some large animals that we might not see in other areas, such as moose.

It was a moose that took Paul Koch and his wife by surprise one morning when they took a look out the window. They expected to look out at their backyard and swimming pool but what they saw was a moose tangled in their pool’s solar cover. They quickly realized that the animal needed help.

According to CBC, after Paul pulled the cover away to give the moose room to get out, it seemed as if she wasn’t all that interested in exiting the pool.

Photo: Facebook/CBC Ottawa

I guess she got in there because she wanted to be in there, so she decided to stick around and go for a bit of a swim.

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The couple became concerned that she couldn’t get out of the pool, so wildlife services and the police were called in.

Photo: Facebook/CBC Ottawa

As it turns out, the moose wasn’t trapped in the pool, she just wasn’t finished swimming yet. They had a tranquilizer gun available but they didn’t want to use it while she was in the water.

Photo: Facebook/CBC Ottawa

They waited around for over three hours, and eventually, the moose climbed out of the pool and jumped over the fence.

Later, the police returned to tell Paul and his wife that the moose was unharmed and was back in the woods again.

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