You Won’t Believe The Sea Monster Hurricane Nicole Brought In

The aftermath of a hurricane can churn up all kinds of interesting things from the depths of the ocean. But no one expected what some fisherman found off the coast of Bermuda.

Tristan Loescher and his fellow fisherman found a tangled fishing line around a mooring, and what he saw tangled in said fishing line was a lobster that was 14 pounds.

“We brought him to shore to untangle him,” Sanctuary Marine Bermuda said to The Dodo. “We decided he was the biggest lobster we had ever seen.”

Most people would think about giving the lobster to an aquarium to let other people marvel at the massive sea monster. But Loescher and his friends only considered it for a short time, because they decided they wanted to let the huge crustacean free and continue to live his life back in the ocean.

For lobsters, 14 pounds is still quite small considering they never stop growing and can live to be 100-years-old. The largest lobster on record is listed at 44 pounds.

So for this particular Bermuda lobster, there is a lot of life ahead of it thanks to some friendly fishermen.

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