A MASSIVE Monitor Lizard Was Spotted Swimming Somewhere It Really Didn’t Belong

Back when dinosaurs walked the earth, they were likely the kings and queens of the planet just due to their sheer size. But now, the closest things we have left are animals like the monitor lizard and the komodo dragon.

Monitor lizards are found all over the world and have a huge range of size, starting as small as less than eight inches and going all the way to more than 10 feet. They are predominantly carnivores, but some also have the occasional craving for fruits and vegetation.

Some also really enjoy the water, which means sometimes they can end up where people really don’t want to see them.

A water park in Singapore had an extremely close encounter with a massive monitor lizard when he decided to come into the park and take a dip in what looked like the lazy river.

It didn’t look like anyone was swimming in the same area with the lizard, so hopefully no one had a run-in with that guy because it probably wouldn’t have gone very well!

Check out the video below.

Source: Massive monitor lizard glides through swimming pool by ViralPress on Rumble

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