How To Get Free Milkweed Seeds And Help Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies are really something special, but they’re sadly struggling as a species. Despite the challenges the butterflies face, conservationists are refusing to give up on them and hope to bring their numbers back with the help of the public!

According to the World Wildlife Fund, monarch butterflies are currently listed as endangered.

Photo: Pexels/Skyler Ewing

Every year, the species travels some 1,200-2,800 miles from Canada to the forests of Mexico where they spend their winters.

Sadly, climate change, deforestation, and a lack of nectar-producing milkweed plants play a role in the monarch butterfly’s decreasing numbers.

Photo: Pexels/David Levinson

The Xerces Society reports that milkweed is necessary for monarch butterflies to survive as the females lay their eggs on it. The more milkweed that’s available means more habitats for monarchs.

Thankfully, conservationists are hard at work, and organizations like Live Monarch are fighting hard to bring the species back from the brink of extinction.

Photo: Pexels/David Levinson

Live Monarch is encouraging people to plant milkweed everywhere to give traveling monarch butterflies nectar to sustain themselves and a place to lay eggs. They’re even offering free seeds to those in need who want to do their part to help out!

To receive free milkweed seeds, they’re asking people to send one stamped envelope that’s self-addressed to the address listed on their website.

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