Magpie Starts Barking After Being Adopted By A Dog

A rescued magpie learned to bark like a dog after being adopted by an English Staffy.

Molly the magpie was rescued on the brink of death as a baby. Thankfully, Peggy, an English Staffordshire bull terrier, spotted the helpless bird and alerted her owners.

Since then, the two have become inseparable, with Peggy taking on the role of Molly’s mother.

Photo: Instagram/peggyandmolly

Juliette Wells, Peggy’s human owner, shared with Daily Mail that since the little magpie has come into their home, she’s adopted some of Peggy’s canine habits – including barking.

They rescued Molly back in September of last year, and she started to bark after 7 months of living with them.

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Juliette shared that they thought it was Peggy barking until they heard the barking one day when the dog was fast asleep. That’s when they noticed the sounds coming from Molly!

Photo: Instagram/peggyandmolly

Molly did such a good job impersonating Peggy’s bark that it was hard to distinguish the two unless you were looking to see who was doing it.

Funny enough, just like many dogs will do, when Molly hears barking from the neighborhood, she’ll join in and bark along! It’s unclear if she knows what they’re communicating, but she refuses to miss out on the action.

Though Peggy and Molly are close as can be, Peggy was actually afraid of birds before rescuing Molly. It’s unclear what would’ve happened had Peggy not stepped in and nursed the little magpie to health, but thanks to her care, she recovered within a week.

Photo: Instagram/peggyandmolly

After Molly was strong enough to leave, she’d bonded with Peggy and chose to stay with the family, even though Juliette and her family were trying to get her to go back into nature.

In the interview with Daily Mail, Juliette shared that they leave the doors and windows open to encourage her to fly away, but she wouldn’t budge.

Peggy is equally dedicated to Molly, and even started to produce breastmilk for the little bird! They shared about the incident on Instagram, and after a trip to the vet, it was determined that Peggy believed Molly was her baby and that triggered her to produce milk.

Photo: Instagram/peggyandmolly

It’s so sweet to see how close these two unlikely friends have become.

You can follow Peggy and Molly on Instagram, @peggyandmolly.

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