Man Develops Incredible Bond With Wild Bird He Met On The Roadside

55-year-old Michael Smith was cycling along the road in Malvern in Worcestershire when he spotted a little injured jackdaw.

The baby bird had a hurt wing and was in need of help, so Michael stopped cycling and scooped the little bird up. Little did he know what an important part of his life the bird would become.

Once they got home, Micahel made the jackdaw, who he named Patch, a small nest and got him some food to eat. The bird happily settled in and began its road to recovery.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

After a few weeks, not only did Patch heal from his injury but he also grew from a little chick into a bird.

Now, at 16 weeks old, Patch flies freely – but he always comes back when he hears Michael call.

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The two formed such a close bond in the weeks of Patch’s healing that the bird chooses to stick around. The bird even joins Micael on bike roads through the neighborhood!

Photo: Pixabay/Petra Roth

Speaking with SWNS, Michael said:

“He’s like my best friend now, and I spend as much time with him as possible. When I’m without him I’m thinking about him, and when I see him again he does a little joyful squark that is different from his normal screech. He’s the best pet and everyone loves him. He is the talk of the town, and if I’m without him everyone’s asking after him.”

It’s believed that Patch, who Michael assumes is a male bird, was attacked by another animal resulting in his mangled wing. Thankfully, Micahel was there to save the day, and the two have been nearly inseparable ever since.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

Patch initially lived with Micahel in an old pigeon box, but has since upgraded to an aviary in Michael’s garden. The bird enjoys hanging out with Micahel in the house, garden, and around town, but he also goes off on the occasional solo adventure to catch bugs.

“Having him is such a lovely thing to happen,” Michael said.

Watch the video below, courtesy of SWNS:

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