Whatever This Thing Is, It’s Absolutely Mesmerizing to Watch!

Eels are sort of a strange creature in the wild. They look like a snake, and some of them can even shock their prey with an incredibly powerful electrical charge.

But when eels are born, they don’t look even close to the regular animals we are used to seeing swimming around in the ocean.

Did you know that eels go through a larval stage of development? And when they do they are actually incredibly large and look like amazing ribbon-like ghosts! During this stage of growth, they’re called leptocephali (leptocephali are to eels as tadpoles are to frogs). They have a gelatinous composition on the inside and don’t yet have red blood cells, which explains why they’re colorless.

Even though they still have not gained their color, they’re stunningly beautiful, so prepare to be hypnotized before hitting play!

Check out the video below to look at this incredible footage.

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