Photographer Captures Stunning 5K Footage Over The Matterhorn’s Summit

An incredible drone shot captured 5K footage of the Matterhorn’s Hornli ridge.

Photographer Joshua Turner shared the footage on YouTube, explaining, “I’ve wanted to try this flight for a while and finally went for it during my month in Switzerland this winter (2022).”

Photo: YouTube/Joshua Turner

He used an Iflight Chimera 7 with DJI air unit and crossfire. The video was captured on a GoPro Hero 10 in 5K 30 and stabilized in Realsteadygo.

Because Turner had limited battery life on the GoPro, he wanted to get as close to the ridge as possible before starting the video.

Photo: YouTube/Joshua Turner

He said, “I only brought 1500mah batteries so the only way to assure that I reached the summit was to get closer. I decided to leave my skis at the top of the lift and hike the rest of the way to the Hornli Hut with crampons and ice axe as the path was covered in snow and ice.”

From there, he launched the drone from the Hornli Hut and flew the remaining 4000ft (1,200 meters) and 1 mile to the summit.

Photo: YouTube/Joshua Turner

“It was extremely windy and the wind just got stronger as I neared the summit but the chimera 7 performed very well,” he added.

Check out the breathtaking footage below:

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