Master Of Disguise: Weedy Scorpionfish

Down on the ocean floor, staying hidden and away from danger can be a challenge… a challenge that is often a matter of life or death.

For some, the art of camouflage comes a bit easier. Take the incredible paperfish, for example. The paperfish is well-known for their amazing ability to blend into their surroundings. Lying primarily on the ground using their pectoral fins, these fish are so difficult to spot that they actually rely upon their camouflage skills as their primary source of hunting. Lying still at the bottom of the ocean floor, they simply wait for smaller fish to swim by within striking distance.

Taking camouflage to a whole new level is the weedy scorpionfish. These masters of disguise lures smaller fish in close to them while staying hidden. Once they’ve caught something, they devour it whole.

See the rare footage for yourself — watch the video.

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