Scientists Discover Massive Ant City Hidden Underground

Sometimes it’s hard to judge something based on what it looks like on the surface. When it comes to an ant this, we can take that saying quite literally.

If you know anything about ants, you probably realize they live in large colonies underground. While they definitely have hills above ground, those mounds just scratch the surface of what a full colony’s home can look like.

Photo: YouTube/KYLYKaHYT

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the underground city of an ant, a clip from the 2006 documentary Ants! Nature’s Secret Power allows you to do just that!

In the clip, which was shared on YouTube back in 2010, you can see what happens when scientists pour 10 tons of cement into an abandoned grass-cutter ant hill.

Photo: YouTube/KYLYKaHYT

It took weeks of digging, but the scientists eventually unearthed a full and massive underground city the ants had once called home!

The entire structure was large enough for several humans to walk around, and it took several people to dig it out.

Photo: YouTube/KYLYKaHYT

It’s hard to fathom that insects as small as ants could create such an incredible thing, but nature is pretty cool like that.

Since being posted on YouTube, the video has received over 12 million views! Needless to say, a lot of people are impressed by the ants.

You can see their incredible structure for yourself in the video below:

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