Imagine When They Hatch…

Imagine that you’re deep sea diving and you come upon a gelatinous blob the size of a car. Imagine that the blob is invisible from afar, but that as you get closer, and closer, and closer, you see a bunch of little dots within the blob. Imagine not having any clue as to what the blob could be, or what the dots inside were. Imagine how terrifying that could be: just you and the blob…

Well, that’s exactly what happened to diver Luftu Tanriover off of the coast of Turkey. Luckily for us, Tanriover took a video of his discovery, which you can watch directly after this paragraph. According to The Huffington Post, it turns out that the blob was “likely an enormous squid egg mass” and the largest that Dr. Michael Vecchione (of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History) had ever seen.

But what kind of squid? While at this point it’s still speculation, the best guess is that the little dots within the blob are eggs’ belonging to a neon flying squid. Never seen a neon flying squid before? Check out this picture:

via BiologyPop

Crazy, right!? 

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