Florida Surfer Gets Photobombed By Manta Ray In Viral Photo

If you are somebody that loves spending time at the beach, you probably enjoy looking out across the water at the horizon.

You may even love dipping your toe in the water every once in a while, or perhaps you are an active visitor, swimming or even surfing.

Although we often look at the beauty that is above the water, we don’t often think about what is under the water. We managed to get a sneak peek of it recently, however, thanks to a photographer named Rudy Escandell.

Photo: Pixabay

According to WOFL, Escandell was out taking pictures of his son while he was surfing. They were near Patrick Space Force Base at Satellite Beach.

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As one of the pictures was snapped, there was some movement in the water behind his son but he didn’t see what it was until he saw the picture.

Photo: Facebook/Rusty Escandell

According to the outlet, he said: “Saw the splash behind the surfer I was photographing, using burst mode catching several frames in a row, but didn’t realize it was a manta ray until I got home and was reviewing the picture!”

After posting the picture on Facebook, the Satellite Beach Facebook page took the picture and posted it on their own social media feed. It went viral, as the Manta Ray, estimated to be 8 feet long, looked majestic as it jumped out of the water.

Photo: Pixabay

It seems as if Escandell spends a lot of time at the water and although he has seen Manta Rays before, he was excited about the snapshot. His daughters, who are marine biologists, are also excited.

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