Amazing Footage Showing One Of Florida’s Most Exceptional Creatures

Residing in the rivers and waterways of Florida, the gentle manatee is a large but peaceful presence. They are also a massive part of Florida culture, bringing in tourists from all over to see these incredibly unique creatures.

Also known as dugongs, and the extremely fitting nickname ‘sea cows,’ these animals spend their daze grazing at the bottom of rivers much like their bovine counterparts do on land.

But even though they share a name with cows, they are actually most closely related to elephants. With a size range from eight to 13 feet long, and weighing anywhere between 440 to a whopping 1,300 pounds, they are very hard to miss!

Manatees are also under a population risk. They are listed as vulnerable or even endangered, depending on the species, and their populations are only expected to continue declining over the next couple of decades.

In the meantime, this amazing underwater footage captured by GoPros features manatees eating, chilling, and playing in the warm Floridian waters, so check out their video below!

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