Man Jumps Into Water To Save Koala From Drowning

One lucky koala avoided a horrible death by drowning after it was rescued.

Ryan Farrow and his cousin Danny Schelfhout first spotted the young koala running along a jetty at Apollo Bay in southern Victoria, Australia, where it then attempted to climb onto a pole. That is when the animal slipped and the poor koala went tumbling into the sea.

Addressing 7 News, Ryan said, “The koala was running towards the end of the jetty and then went to jump on this pole and went in the water. It didn’t have any grip, so it just flipped off.”

Watching the accident, the two men quickly went into action to save the koala, and Danny plunged into the ocean after the koala.

Ryan added, “I reached down and grabbed the koala off him. My cousin had a jumper that was worth $250. I used that to wrap around the koala and I was holding him. It was really stressed. When I was holding it, the claws were trying to get me, and it was just going crazy.”

Thankfully, both Danny and the koala managed to get out of the water ok. Ryan and Danny then calmed the koala down before carrying it back to the bush where they gave him some water and watched it climb off into the trees.

Photo: Facebook / NTD TV

This wasn’t the only rescue in which kind people help out animals, as just last month, a man from Canada risked his life in order to help rescue a family of deer.

Ryan Peterson, from Ontario, was ice skating on a frozen lake when he spotted the family of deer in extreme danger on a patch of thin ice where they were unable to properly walk on the slippery surface.

He explained, “I went back to work and grabbed some rope. The ice was still too thin for any kind of vehicle, so skating was the only option.”

Peterson filmed himself pulling the mother and her two fawns back to safety using ropes.

Speaking to The Guardian, he commented, “If they’re upright, they can kick you. [But] once they’re down on the ice, their legs are flat out and they can’t lift them.”

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Peterson then added, “I’m not entirely sure how they walked all the way out there. But they definitely walked out there.”

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