Kansas Man Finds A 6-Foot Boa Constrictor Inside His Couch While Looking For His Keys

I’m sure that all of us have lost our keys before, and one of the first places we tend to look is in the couch cushions. It just seems to be a vortex where everything we lose goes, so it’s the logical place to check. We might be looking for our wallet, keys, or the remote control, but if you are looking for a giant snake, you might want to consider looking in the couch cushions as well.

That is what a man in Rose Hill, Kansas discovered on Monday morning. He was looking for his keys and started checking the cracks in the living room couch when he found a 6-foot red-tailed boa constrictor! Aside from the fact that there was a deadly snake in his house, there was another issue. He doesn’t own the snake. In addition, there aren’t many boa constrictors running loose in the state of Kansas.

After calling 911, the fire department was sent to remove the unwelcome visitor. Butler County Fire District #3 reported on Facebook that a “resident snake charmer,” Deputy Fire Chief Melvin Linot, was able to remove the creature from the home.

“I messed with him a little bit, and I took my gloves off. You could handle him real easy. He was very gentle,” Linot told WSFA 12 News.

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A pet shop is hanging on to the boa constrictor until one of the neighbors in Rose Hill goes in to claim the snake. If nobody claims it, it may end up in the school system to help children learn about reptiles.

There is no word on if the man found his keys or not.

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